Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Getting Carried Away

 I pay attention. I really do. It's just that sometimes I get a little bored and...

Saturday, May 23, 2015

If My Headache Could Talk

My Headache: I am going to make your life a living hell.

Me: Okay, whatevs.

My Headache: turns up the pain Don't ignore me!

Me: Stop! You're like sooo rude!

My Headache: La La La La I can't hear you.

Me: reduced to begging Please. PLEASE. STOP!!!

My Headache: Nope.

Me: You know I could just take a Tylenol...

My Headache: Too much over the counter medicine is bad for you.

Me: Yeah you're right...hmph!

Time Passes

Me: internally screaming in frustration and agony.

My Headache: LOL

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I Just Killed Someone Face

 There are all sorts of resting faces. Some people have resting nice face, some people have resting sad face, some people have resting mean face... so on and so forth.I usually have resting average face, but sometimes I have resting 'I-just-killed-someone-face'.

 I try to keep my face looking nice and polite, but it always reverts back. I could be thinking rainbows and unicorns, but my face is just like 'NO!' When I'm thinking,'I love donuts!!!', my face is thinking,'I am coming for you!' I'm pretty sure it's not good for my social life either, because I feel like no one wants to be friends with someone who may have just taken part in a homicidal venture. (Which I would never do)(Just saying)


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Eating Chocolate

 Eating chocolate is an extremely time consuming and attention using task. Especially so when you spend an hour eating the whole box. Then you realize that you've just EATEN A WHOLE BOX OF CHOCOLATE! Then you spend another hour crying and guilt eating more chocolate. Okay, so maybe you just do the last part in your head, mostly because there is no more chocolate in the house.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Figurative Delete Button

 I'm a big fan of any sort of delete button. If you don't like what you've written as a blog post, you can get it out of your face in no time. Just press backspace. If you feel like your inbox is over cluttered with unread useless emails, just press that little g-mail trashcan icon. If you don't like a picture you've taken on your camera, just press erase.

 It's an easy way of getting stuff out of your face fast. I have recently adopted the delete button for my everyday life. Since there is no actual delete button to press, there is more work involved, but it is definitely worth it. Anytime I feel like I have too much clutter and general trash, out comes the trash bag and in goes everything. This is actually a big change for me because I usually don't throw ANYTHING away. ANYTHING! I AM HORDE MONSTER!

 Life always feels better when you have less random scraps of paper stuck to your clothes and weird doodles thrown away in your closet.

 note: If anyone has anything they would like to contribute to the blog, be it photo, art, or writing, please send to this email: lifeandtheworld@gmail.com. I do not guarantee that your work will appear, but I do promise that I will not use it for anything else. Thanks for bothering.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Problem With Baking

  I love baking, because I love eating. This might make me sound kind of greedy, but the truth is the truth.

 There is one problem.

 Baking takes waaaaay too long. 

 First, you have to get out the ingredients. That alone takes awhile. Where is the flour. Is it in the kitchen cabinet? Which one? Is it this one? Is it that one? Then you repeat the process like 500 times, or at least until you find all your ingredients.

 Then, you follow the recipe. Sounds easy enough...right? WRONG!!! You end up putting too much of this or too little of that. What happens to me is that I hesitate that I didn't put enough sugar in. Then I put in more and end up ruining the whole thing.

 Finally, after a lot of blood and tears, it's time to put everything in the oven. You're almost there! That's when you realize you forgot to preheat the oven. So you preheat the oven and sit there, waiting and wondering... Is it too early to put them in? When you finally get up the nerve, you open the oven and slide everything in. Ovens are a necessary evil. They might burn you. They might kill you. Who knows? But you need your sugar high, so you live with it.

 This is the hard part. You sit there nervously waiting, waiting, waiting. It is your mission in life to get this right! If you do this, everything else won't matter. Aaaaall your other failures... but never mind, I digress.

 The time has come. You take the baked goods out of the oven, burning yourself like five times in the process. Then you let them cool. Then you take a bite. Then you eat the whole thing. And if you didn't mess up the whole thing, everything that happened previously is worth it.